Lent be Gone

So Lent ended yesterday – and what did I do?

Well, on the way home from dropping a friend of at the airport, I went and made a stop a Gelati Messina. It was a needed and wanted trip after 40 days of being without the sixth food group.

I was somewhat restrained. A half a litre tub with Hot Cross Bun ice cream (It’s as good as it sounds) Salted Caramel and White Chocolate (Phwoar) and White Chocolate and Hazelnut praline, just for good measure.

The ice cream lasted two days. It was most wonderful.

I’m glad the ice cream was there today. It’s always been a bit of a crutch. You see, today marks the 20th anniversary of my father passing. I’ve been wondering why I’ve been a bit moody and off for the last few days. I put it down to this.

Ice cream was one of his most favourite things – I think it’s a genetic trait.

It was good to have some available, especially the really good stuff here today.

So here’s to you, Dad – may you be having some ice cream where ever you are. I’m certainly having some in your memory today.

Daft thing is I don’t feel like I need ice cream now.

Days without Chips:107


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